I'm a "serial entrepreneur" and specialize in strategic vision development and the tactical execution of epic business strategies. That sounds pretty damn egotistical doesn't it?

Well...How about this: I love the startup space and helping other entrepreneurs establish and position their companies for massive growth. I am an active advisor to multiple companies, programs and individuals.

Cool Highlights

  • $10M in revenue win first year of business with The Beard Club
  • $500k Crowdfunding campaign with Coolbox
  • Featured in almost all major business blogs
  • Took selfie with Taylor Swift
  • Recognized thought leader in youth employment policy & entrepreneurship
  • Keynote Speaker on 3 continents (and counting)
  • Global Startup Youth 2013 Delegate - Awarded full scholarship - globalstartupyouth.org
  • Global Startup Youth ASEAN (2015) - Mentor - globalstartupyouth.org/asean
  • Top 1% most viewed profiles on Linkedin

Subscription Hacks is a platform for entrepreneurs building and scaling traditional and subscription e-commerce companies.

We are a collection of renowned entrepreneurs committed to sharing the exact strategies that have made our companies successful. 
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We lead by example, wear our failures on our sleeve, and promise to always add as much value as possible and live in service to others.