14 years in investigative and tactical policing allowed me to hone deep organizational and leadership skills, and sparked an entrepreneurial fire inside of me. Throughout my policing career I also helped to start businesses. 

In 2001 I started KPLJ, and its rapid financial success, coupled with my start in direct selling, led to my exit from law enforcement. KPLJ was later sold in 2005, for 8 figures.

Throughout the past decade I have traveled to 40 countries, speaking about sales and teaching leadership. During this time, I published 3 books that have sold over 300,000 copies (as of Jan 1, 2018)

In 2012, I was he Co-Founder of an international supplement company called Ocean Avenue. A rapid start ($1M in the first month) and explosive 2 years ($34M) led to quick exit.

On Nov 1st, 2013, I founded GoRead.com. My mission to two-fold:

  • To help every author in the world to make publishing a profitable experience; and
  • To Give Every Child In the World The Gift Of Reading (GoRead Children's Literacy Foundation)

GoRead.com is changing the way people write, read and experience books! We bring book-lovers together through a cutting-edge, web-based community that allows them to virtually preserve their personal book collection, which is the legacy of a reader - hence "Reader's Legacy". We also publish the books of thousands of authors through Rebel Press.