Grey Matters International Inc., a global neuroscience based consulting and advisory firm based in Tulsa, OK is happy to announce the company's recent partnership with the Switzerland based bespoke consultancy firm, Owlpha-Omega.

This collaboration between Grey Matters International and Owlpha-Omega is an initiative designed to apply the principles of neuroscience to traditional mental health and learning development practices. Dr. Kevin Fleming says that the remarkable advancements in neuroscience has made it possible to influence and direct one's brain to achieve goals in a targeted and optimized fashion, be it issues around mental health or to improve one's vocational skills.

Owlpha-Omega specializes in creating customized solutions for improving mental performance, enhancing healthcare as well as development programs for corporate culture. With Dr. Fleming's expertise in applying neurotechnology and neuroeconomic thinking, the partnership will foster research-informed practices in their concierge services for their clients.

Dr. Fleming comments that their mission is to trump the traditional methods (such as counseling and therapy) of how one goes about improving behavioral abnormalities by exercising the findings from decisional neuroscience in their programs. Dr. Fleming goes on to say that this has already had a huge positive impact on his current clientele which includes Forbes 50 Executives, their families/spouses, NFL Players and Hall of Fame Rockstars among other highly successful individuals looking to boost their performance.

This partnership between Grey Matters International and Owlpha-Omega is a revolutionary step towards modernizing training and executive coaching with cutting-edge technological advancements in neuroscience. Dr. Fleming's previous works have been published in CNN, New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Forbes, Fortune and other media outlets.

Other projects by Grey Matters International include their bespoke wellness interventions, relationship coaching, and substance abuse treatment along with a collaboration with an individual who has worked with the PR efforts of Oprah and Tony Robbins, amongst others to build retreats modeled on music and neuroscience across the world.

Grey Matters International Inc. are change agents bringing cutting-edge decisional neuroscience to the concierge model of care. Specializing in executive wellness, substance abuse & relationship work for individuals tired of the typical "feel good" coaches, trainers & shrinks.