myPlanit: your life. searchable. actionable.

myPlanit is a patented personal data platform that’s pioneering the next wave of the Internet… truly personalized computing, where your apps and devices know you and can deliver highly personalized, predictive digital experiences based on the context of your life.

The Internet of You

Welcome to the age of personal big data. The “Internet of You” will anticipate your needs and deliver digital experiences--services, features, advice, information, recommendations--that are personalized just for you. Imagine Starbucks being able to direct a customer to the Starbucks near their morning meeting at a new client site where their pre-ordered chai latte is waiting for them.  The “Internet of You” seeks to make technology more “human” by enabling it to mirror how our brains instinctively contextualize and connect the “who, what, when and where” of our days into an intelligent, centralized network.

myPlanit for Consumers

Find what you can’t remember and discover what you need to know. myPlanit is a private, personal app that automatically records the journey of your life and intelligently and seamlessly connects the data and functionality of your disparate apps (contacts, photos, videos, calendar, places and more). myPlanit introduces the world’s first visual search, so you can search your life by place or time — just like your brain works. It creates a unique, dynamic and multi-faceted visual of your life as you live it.  

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myPlanit for Real Estate

myPlanit for Real Estate is an agent’s personal assistant. It’s a super-powered app that automatically and intelligently connects your calendar, contacts, notes, photos, videos, and MLS data in one place to optimize your sales process, minimize your administrative burden and improve your bottom line.

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