Monday Motorbikes was started with a simple challenge of electrifying a 1978 Puch Magnum. Dr. Nathan Jauvtis took that challenge and built a company around the amazing machine he created. The M-1 revolutionizes the way we get around the city as an approachable, stylish, and affordable alternative to the existing transportation options of today. If you can ride a bike, you can ride an M-1.

Monday Motorbikes builds its batteries from the cellular level. This allows us to stay at the forefront of battery technology, by offering the latest and highest density cells on the market within our standard battery configuration.

If newer, more energy dense cells become available, we will simply integrate them into our existing battery configuration. Monday Motorbikes is the future of urban transportation. The M-1 allows the user to nimbly navigate the city without the need for registration and insurance, or even a license. By limiting our power output through software, we are able to fall under the federal electric bicycle regulations of the U.S.A., and currently most states in our Economy Mode. We also have the capability to unleash one awesome off-road experience in our Sport Mode.

Monday Motorbikes is more than just the M-1. We have assembled the best team in the world, who all share a passion for two wheels and the electrification of transportation. The M-1 has been the catalyst that has brought together many great minds from varied backgrounds and cultures. Keep an eye on us over here at Monday Motorbikes, we have big things coming in the near future.