"Stoners, young adults and partiers are yesterday’s cannabis users. The new cannabis market is for all adults, all walks of life, and ALL lifestyles.” - Latham Woodward, CEO, Shoogies.

The legalization of cannabis has opened the door to a mainstream audience, yet there still exists a “cannabis culture” that is not entirely welcoming.

The new freedom of the adult general public to purchase differing cannabis products is being hampered at the retail side by people who are in the so-called “culture," and not allowing in brands that serve new and differing buyers.

"What the culture wants" and "what the culture will accept” is limited to a very narrow segment of this society.

Shoogies CEO Latham Woodward considers this way of thinking short-sighted and elitist. He believes that with the advent and legalization of cannabis, there is no longer a unified “culture,” just an entire adult sphere of buyers.

What is Shoogies?

“Shoogies” is a cannabis-infused sweetener available with agave or cane sugar designed to integrate cannabis into your daily life. It’s an on-the-go, use anywhere, use anytime, sweet, sweet treat that brings joy to the things you already do everyday. Shoogies lets you change the way you cocktail, bake, eat, and drink, knowing you are ingesting only the purest ingredients.

Shoogies has adhered to a strict and comprehensive food safety and quality assurance (QA) program throughout its creation, overseen by Chief Food Scientist Christine Ramsey, a 25–year food safety and QA veteran specializing in cannabis-infused products, among others.

Shoogies was created in part to erase the stigma of cannabis and make it more accessible to mainstream consumption for overall wellness. The company has outlined several missions moving forward including:

  • Delivering a product for reasonable adult consumption

  • An unwavering approach and adoption of green and organic practices

  • A complete and holistic approach to child safety in its packaging, advertising and products

On May 1, 2019, Shoogies will be available in 300 stores across California.