J Kaufman Consulting is proud to be expanding its services into coaching to offer both organizations and individuals to build and enhance their capabilities and accelerate their success in whatever the endeavor they are trying to achieve.

J Kaufman Coaching (JKC) services for individuals focuses on getting the best out of themselves by helping them develop their strengths and work through the daily challenges of business and life.



JKC provides personal executive coaching to help individuals meet corporate expectations and develop optimal working relationships. J Kaufman Coaching will place the emphasis on you to cultivate strategies to refine skills, confront ineffective attitudes and build better teams. THE KEY ASPECT IS ALWAYS ABOUT IMPROVING PERFORMANCE.


Finding success in life encompasses more than what we do for a living. It is about overcoming challenges, our values, and the relationships we nurture in our daily lives. It is about discovering ourselves in the process by finding purpose in our lives. J Kaufman Coaching will help guide clients to nurture this by:

  • Clarifying situational Issues and Focusing on what you value

  • Analyze, Prioritize and Establish Personal Goals

  • Establish a Vision and Create a Personal Action Plan to Set in Motion

  • Stress Management

  • Develop Communication and Listening Skills

  • Cultivate Personal Fulfillment and Satisfaction

EAP for Key Personnel

Jonathan Kaufman uses his skills as a licensed psychotherapist to offer clients employer assistance to help organizations keep their workforce healthy and balanced. It is too often that people in your organization are suffering from workplace stressors such as burnout, organizational restructuring, reduced staff or ever increasing pressures from output. This often affects individuals health, relationships and overall functioning and performance. Let JKC help you help your people.