In a nutshell, Panviva creates customer experience rock stars out of your employees!

How do we do it? Panviva is the world's leading cloud knowledge management solution guiding users step-by-step through processes, policies and procedures. Our real–time solution provides role-specific, contextually relevant information to the end user enabling them to perform their job more effectively and efficiently and deliver 5 star service to their customers. Our methodology relies on layering information which increases the speed of access and minimizes the frustration of search.

Our customers are in banking, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, pay-tv, telecommunications and government. Panviva has enabled our customer base to achieve measurable benefits in time to competency, reduce training costs and improve user engagement, including: 

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

  • Full utilisation of enterprise systems

  • Increased staff productivity

  • Improved training effectiveness 

  • Continue process improvement 

  • Faster process management 

  • Broader staff capabilities