As a serial entrepreneur whose story, work and clients have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Huff Post and more, I am on a mission to help individuals and companies bridge communication gaps that keeps them from connecting with their target audiences.

Who do I work with?

Corporate Entities
I help, consult and train decision makers in corporations on how to identify communication gaps in their culture and leadership to create a cohesive and collaborative work environment for executive, managers and employees.

Small Business & Entrepreneurs
I coach, consult and train SBOs and entrepreneurs on how to effectively communicate their value and unique selling proposition they can attract their ideal customers and clients — to increase their bottom line. Including but not limited to brand awareness and strategic partnerships.

I coach, consult and train millennials and those associated to explore career options that fuel creativity and spark sustainable ideas to build lucrative companies.

I work in multi-faceted settings including one-on-one, small groups and teams, small and large conferences and summits as well as through digital methods. Hire me to work with you and your team or to bring my expertise and energy to your next event as a speaker.

Areas of Influence & Authority: 
Entrepreneurship, Consulting, Small Business, Storytelling, Marketing & Media, Personal Development, Professional Development, Training & Development, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Ghostwriter