Our mission is to enable business owners and HR professionals to attract the right talent by showcasing their company culture.

The world of recruiting has changed.
Job seekers are no longer looking for just a desk and a paycheck; they want to work for an employer who aligns with their lifestyle and values. They’re looking for a place to belong, to feel respected and to contribute. At WorkScene, we envision a world in which companies move away from traditional job sites toward a more cost-effective, inbound recruiting strategy, one that showcases culture and the qualities job seekers are looking for in an employer.

We believe that your culture and employer brand are the most important tools for attracting the right talent. But let’s face it, only candidates who interview in-person can see what makes your company a great place to work. We have found a way to bottle that greatness so it can be shared and used to bring the right talent to your doorstep.

WorkScene is the new standard in best recruiting practices.
After decades of recruiting, and numerous failed attempts at social recruiting, our founder assembled a team of corporate recruiters, employer branding experts and digital marketing professionals to develop a social media platform designed for recruiting. They evaluated the pro and cons of top social media platforms and job sites to create WorkScene. With a WorkScene Page, you can attract the right talent, build and maintain genuine relationships with the members of your Private Talent Community and, over time, convert job seekers into hires—all while eliminating the need for paid job listings.

Give passive and active job seekers a look behind the scenes.
Job seekers want to understand your employer value proposition. They want to know all about you, right upfront, and they’re researching your company before they apply. But while they can gather information, they have no way of seeing what it’s really like to work for you until they come in for a job interview. A WorkScene Page gives your business a central place to show job seekers why they should work for you.

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