Ember Medical is modernizing EMS and increasing the efficiency of emergency care. With a unique mobile platform, we’ve combined crowdsourcing, geolocation services, and telehealth technology to reduce emergency response times and provide triage services before patients get to the waiting room.

Our user-friendly mobile app allows users to alert 911 and our growing network of medics simultaneously. With one-step touch, voice, or smart wearable activation, it’s faster and more efficient than a call with 911 dispatch, and Ember medics arrive on the scene in less than 5 minutes.

Our in-app audio and video call feature also allows patients to receive professional recommendations from our Ember network on what kind of care is right for them—whether that’s the ER, urgent care, or an urgent appointment with a primary care provider.

By focusing first on providing EMS care to sudden cardiac arrest victims, Ember has a target market of 92 million at-risk Americans. With a wealth of emerging opportunities to bring on large-scale health insurers, Ember is looking to expand to address all medical emergencies—anaphylactic shock, opioid overdose, stroke, etc—responding to an additional 1 million cases per year.