AlphaLab Gear is a hardware and robotic startup accelerator that provides physical product companies with investment, mentorship and connections.

The AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup is a pitch competition for early-stage hardware startups.

The Hardware Cup tours 6 US regions, with events in: Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, and Austin.

Other countries around the globe also participate, including Japan, South Korea, Israel, and others.

Somatic Labs
We're designing for a future without screens - starting with a platform for haptic communication.

We’ve developed Zorb, a full-stack platform that uses the sense of touch to convey information. We provide more than an ordinary tap or vibration. The Zorb Platform enables the delivery of real-time information (alerts, instructions, directions) through rich vibro-tactile patterns that move across a user’s skin. Our patented technology allows the rapid creation of high resolution tactile patterns consisting of pulses, shapes, directions, and complex illusions of motion.