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If you are an executive, business leader or manager, you probably want to improve your leadership development and management effectiveness to build a high performing and innovative team, and increase your KPIs.

Here is the HUGE problem: Only 10% -15% of leaders are self-aware, but 95% think they are. 80% + of managers overestimate their abilities compared to others. It only gets worse the higher up you go. This results in 99% of teams underperforming.

Your self-awareness challenge is a career killer. Everyone eventually hits their ceiling and plateaus. Few people do anything about it.

Have you made significant progress in the past year? If not, you've hit the plateau. Most people stay there for years or decades.

Here's the massive upside. You need a couple small changes to get exponential growth. You'll be operating in your area of genius. The fear, overwhelm and stress will disappear. You'll rocket past everyone to the top.