Tuthill Corporation, “the company with heart”, is taking a journey outside of manufacturing to discover what it means to truly be alive. In their first documentary series, The Search for Aliveness, Tuthill’s creative team – made up of Chad Gabriel (host and narrator), Erica Magda (director of photography), and Vito Pellicano (director and editor) - will travel the world to interview individuals from different backgrounds, races, cultures, etc. to see if there is commonality in aliveness.

Tuthill will not be making revenue off the of series. The docu-series is for the purpose of bringing Tuthill’s company culture beyond their four walls.
The company has launched a worldwide casting call in search of individuals from all walks of life who fit the interviewee descriptions. The filmmakers are seeking volunteers from across the globe, with different cultures, beliefs, classes, lifestyles, and values to find, universally, what people do to feel alive, how one becomes alive, and if there is a “recipe” for aliveness. This groundbreaking documentary series will allow people to share their life story and be part of something that applies to all mankind.

Each selected participant will not only appear in the docu-series, but will also be featured on The Search for Aliveness website and social media. There are currently 15 interview roles available for submission, ranging from descriptions including: “high-profile public figures” to the “outdoor adrenaline junkie”, to “a person whose mission is to save lives”, to “a patriotic career soldier who has seen front line action” to “a person without at least one of their senses”. The full list of descriptions is available at: www.thesearchforaliveness.com/documentar…sting-call