IceCream labs enables intelligent merchandising for retailers & brands with it's SaaS AI platform.

The company’s Intelligent Merchandising solution enables eCommerce teams to increase product sales, reduce returns and improve customer satisfaction using Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.

Product content is critical to eCommerce sales. It directly impacts a consumer's purchase decision and also impacts SEO, Site Search, Marketing, Promotions and Merchandising.

ContentIQ is a SaaS AI solution that automatically analyses and enriches product content all in the cloud with no IT involvement. The ContentIQ AI models automatically categorises products, extracts product attributes, identifies facets and generates engaging consumer oriented product content.

ContentIQ easily works with existing PIMs and MDM systems through it's open APIs. Customers can scale product offerings by 20x in weeks increasing revenue opportunities with limited cost impact.

ContentIQ has managed over 100 million products and 250 million images for leading retailers.