"Type R makes an impressive step towards reimagining how we live, work and lead, going beyond past thinking to draw on research, and a brave new vision for the future to help guide us to success in our complex world.”- Mary Robinson, President, Mary Robinson Foundation- Climate Justice & former President of Ireland

Forget Type As and Bs. The future lies with Type Rs-- the individuals, leaders, businesses, families and communities that turn challenges into opportunity in times of upheaval, crisis and change. In our new book we explore the process of Transformative Resilience. And, we look at the mindset, skills, and strategies of Type Rs who are finding ways to turn some of the most challenging of circumstances into opportunity — growing from the experience and springing forward rather than merely bouncing back — and ultimately making a larger contribution.

We share inspiring stories of Type Rs thriving during unprecedented world events and increasing global pressures. And we share the individual and collective triumphs of people coping with the stress of daily life and the disruption and challenges that disrupt our lives at some point. Our research spans the person and professional, the local and global, reaching across psychology, neuroscience, business and current affairs.

Type R also teaches leaders, businesses and organisations how to cultivate Type R vision and cultures, which is essential for thriving in disruptive change. Ultimately Type R shows that we can use challenges to innovate, create new strengths and grow. (Public Affairs/ Hachette Book Group, January 9, 2018)