Because I have been blessed to have many years of success in entrepreneurship and seed stage investing, I am now trying to pay my success forward by creating a series of blog posts that are designed for young people and their parents and mentors as a roadmap to developing the mindset and skills needed to be a success outside the traditional job market. My dream is to create a toolbox of those skills and mindsets that can make dreams come true.

The Dream Toolbox, a series of short podcasts that are designed to open windows of economic opportunity that most people don’t know even exist and to provide a set of skill based tools that can lead almost anyone from a low-income existence to wealth and financial abundance. But before beginning, I need to ask you a question: Are you content with your life as it is right now?

If you don’t have those things and are not content to stay where you are, then stick with us and I’ll show you how almost anyone can stop living in the bottom of the economic ladder and achieve success.