I'm thinking of selling my business, but I don't know what it's worth, how to sell it or even if I should sell it...

We assist business owners, 2-35+ million in revenue, using a 22 category pre-sale business evaluation & preparation assistance to answer the question above. We also assist serial entrepreneurs who have the experience of selling and buying multiple businesses.

If your business is already optimized and ready to sell then don't call us. We are only interested providing a readiness picture and fixing problems discovered that prevent the business from selling or maximizing sale value.

The side effect of this process is likely to mean that you start to enjoy your business again and have a better work/life balance. Sometimes it means that you will delay the sale of the business because you want to.

We developed this process after hearing from hundreds of business owners who sold and wished they had known what buyers wanted without going through a deal. It's hard to decide to go back and fix your business once you're at the deal table.

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