Hi! I’m Andrew, and I'm originally from Rolling Prairie, Indiana - a farm town of 500 people. I'm actually a CPA but left that behind to start my own business in 2015 as I saw a real need for people to meet and make genuine friends.

I realized that it wasn't just me who didn't care to meet people at the bars, online or in other random places. FORGET using Bumble, Tinder, or Match to make friends! I want to meet people in real life. So I created an exclusive social club called New Town Connections and haven't looked back since. It's been life-changing not only to me but for many of our members. You can't put a price tag on what having a best friend is really worth.

New Town Connections is the place where young professionals can establish long-lasting friendships centered around their common interests. By joining, our members gain insider access to hundreds of unique experiences across the Bay Area and create their own social network in real life.

In addition to running New Town Connections, I just published my first book: "Friend Request Accepted - Connecting in a Disconnected World" to help people build genuine friendships in today's digital society.

My friends call me #teamnosleep but I swear I really like to sleep! Sometimes I backpack around the world by myself, but I’m never really alone. I thrive on being around others and enjoy not spending time at home as I get my energy when I'm with people.

Specialties include: master networking, introducing people, making friends, and running events. I have the energy of 5 people and I enjoy using it every day for the benefit of others.

You can message me at andrew@newtownconnections.com or on my cell at 317-417-2973. I’m proud to be representing my home state and always more than happy to meet new people. If you know anyone who could utilize my company’s services, then send them my way!