About Rahul Pangam

Rahul Pangam is co-founder and CEO of Simility. A fraud detection industry veteran, Pangam believes in combining the power of algorithms to recognize similar and dissimilar signals with the ability for humans to create meaning, while giving front-line fraud fighters the tools that empower them to put their domain expertise and knowledge to use without having to write code. Previously, Pangam held executive positions in fraud and risk management at Google and has since teamed up with Simility co-founders to bring his fraud-fighting expertise from Google to the enterprise fraud management and authentication space. Prior to Google, Pangam was an Engineering Lead at GE Energy working on smart grid technology. Pangam holds an MBA from the University of Michigan, an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University.

The problem:

Enterprise fraud is a global epidemic costing companies trillions of dollars annually.

A team of ex-Google fraud fighters has come together to create Simility, a company dedicated to helping companies prevent fraud and abuse in real time with machine learning, big data analytics and data visualization capabilities. 

Simility provides an end-to-end fraud prevention platform that has the ability to take virtually unlimited structured data feeds from across the enterprise and use advanced machine learning and data visualization techniques to detect fraud. With Simility, enterprises can better protect their businesses from fraudsters–all without needing to write a line of code.

“Digital disruption in the financial and commerce sectors has resulted in the need for a fraud and risk management solution that goes beyond legacy, static rule-based offerings to offer protection in a digital first, big data analytics-focused environment. Simility is fulfilling that need with an innovative, game-changing, adaptive solution,” said Rahul Pangam, co-founder and CEO, Simility.

The company has seen impressive global adoption among enterprise customers in financial services, retail and payments, and has recently secured $17.5M in its latest funding round.