I am the President of HitPoint Studios, a talented team of engineers and artists focused on developing innovative Augmented Reality experiences for consumers and businesses.

I've achieved numerous “firsts” in my 30-year career. Emergency Room, for which I was Executive Producer, was the first medical simulation to target consumers. It and numerous sequel sims sold more than 1 million units at retail. Subsequently, the company I founded, Legacy Games, established the TV drama genre in video games, with four Law & Order adventure games. We followed up this success to create more than 25 licensed games and apps, including ER, Criminal Minds, Murder She Wrote, Ghost Whisperer, Sherlock Holmes, Twilight Zone, Tarzan, Psych, Crayola, among others. More recently, I have focused on opportunities in AR and computer vision, for industry, education, and entertainment.

As President of HitPoint Studios, I direct business development and strategy. I also write about AR/VR issues on my blog, at www.ariellalehrer.com.