In 2002, Jamie Bianchini set out on a tandem bicycle. Little did he know it would result in an inspirational 8 year, 81 country journey around the world.

Dubbed "Peace Pedalers,” Jamie pedaled on the front seat while inviting total strangers to join the journey. These rides spawned new friendships and resulted in the launch of a dozen grassroots projects designed to give back to communities globally.  During his travels he saw the dependency on kerosene as a light source and the negative health effects. 

Jamie’s adventure also inspired his latest endeavor, LuDela, the world’s smartest candle, which aims to bring better light and better lives around the world. The candle can be ignited with a smart app and produces a real flame, shuts off if tipped over and replaces the recent Led candles that don't look real.  Ultimately Jamie will be donating some proceeds back to Africa with sola or lights to replace kerosene at home and at school. 

Jamie’s travels are chronicled in his book “A Bicycle Built for Two Billion,” a story about one man’s adventure around the world in search of love, compassion, and adventure.

The Perfect Pillar is the world’s first remote-controlled real-flame scented candlelight fixture. Outfitted with cutting-edge technology, the Perfect Pillar offers a safer, smarter and more convenient scented candlelight experience. Watch this short video to learn more about LuDela Perfect.

Key features of the LuDela Perfect Pillar include:

  • Remote Ignite & Extinguish – Instant real flame ambiance with the touch of a button

  • Tilt Extinguish™ – Flame self extinguishes when it tilts or falls

  • Timer Extinguish™ – Increase safety and peace of mind with timed burns

  • Everbrite Flame™ – Always burns bright like a new pillar candle

  • Forever-New™ Décor – Always looks like a beautiful new candle

  • Flex-Décor™ – Change the style or color of your decorative shell

  • Caring Candle Refills™ – Simple, safer single use refills

  • Scent-On-Demand™ – Add, change, remove scent on demand

  • Flex-Fragrance™ – Dial the intensity of your fragrance up or down

  • Mess & Hassle Free – No more wax mess or wick hassles

LuDela’s Perfect Pillar luxury gift box starter kit is available now for holiday orders and shipping by December 6th for $129 at www.LuDela.com. 

Giving Back:

But creating the “Perfect" candle is only part of LuDela’s mission. LuDela is using its smarter, safer candle innovation to enhance global educationFor every LuDela candle product sold, a book will be donated to bring libraries to underserved communities. 

To learn more about LuDela’s Better Light, Better Lives movement, watch this video.