We talk how to build a successful hardware startup.

Ventrify is a group of collaborative multi-industry professionals who work together to cultivate your idea into a successful product and brand. After first performing market feasibility studies, we work with you to build your product through an A-Z process that includes a series of design and prototyping phases before mass producing it in Asia for globally competitive rates.

Combining marketing, design, and manufacturing into a single adaptive process, we guarantee that your product hits the market with a bang. In order to offer our clients a unique and full experience, we have built Ventrify to offer more than traditional design and manufacturing firms:

  1. The products we mass produce are optimized specifically for Asian mass production, and we take on full responsibility for the quality of our manufacturing.

  2. Marketing is a fundamental pillar of our service; this inspires us to develop quality products that will be lucrative and marketable.

  3. We develop both the hardware and software side of a product simultaneously. This means that the product-user interfaces are designed alongside the aesthetic elements of a device ensuring excellent functionality.

  4. From the start of the design process, we collaborate with the Asian factories that will be manufacturing and assembling your product.

  5. We operate in Canada and Asia; your product will be developing around the clock. This makes us much more efficient than firms running out of only one continent.