XCINEX is an audience detection per-viewer transaction services and technology provider. With our IP, we have created Venue, a global entertainment platform that bridges the gap between theatrical release and OTT streaming services. The idea behind Venue is to bring the latest theatrical release movies, live concerts, sports, comedy shows, Las Vegas shows, musicals, operas and much more directly to the consumer's home. XCINEX’s proprietary software, audience monitoring sensor and content delivery system is what creates Venue, a streaming experience that ensures that all persons in the viewing area purchase a ticket in order to stream the content.

With Venue, everyone can soon enjoy premium content from the comfort, safety, privacy and convenience of their home. On the flip side, since Venue is a digital exhibitor that replicates the theatrical model in the home, it adds value to content by exponentially increasing its box office numbers. Venue is the future of entertainment and you can support the revolution today by becoming a free member. Visit us on the web and sign up today to take advantage of the early adopter benefits. Don't forget to follow us on social media to stay up to date on our progress as we get closer to launch.