Despite its buzz, there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding crypto and blockchain investing.]

Key barriers to entry, particularly for institutional investors, include regulation, compliance and risk. 

One company is easing those concerns, taking the best of centralized finance with blockchain technology to become the new digital finance standard for the 21st century. 

Arca empowers both institutional and individual investors to securely, compliantly, and transparently build confidence and trust in this new digital currency ecosystem. 

Comprised of a world-class team of Wall Street and crypto experts, Arca delivers an array of financial products and services that accelerates the adoption of blockchain investments and payment. The company is a leading authority on crypto, publishing a weekly column and is also gearing up to launch its Arca hybrid token, the first SEC-approved stable token. 

Rayne Steinberg is Chief Executive Officer at Arca. In his role, Rayne leads the overall direction of the company and is responsible for securities structuring and risk management. Rayne has a rich history of financial and entrepreneurial success with nearly two decades of experience. Prior to founding Arca, Rayne co-founded asset management company, WisdomTree. There, he was responsible for raising capital, creating intellectual property and building and overseeing the sales team responsible for raising $50 billion in ETF AUM. Rayne holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the Wharton School of Business.