Build stronger connections with your customers.

Convey is a powerful connection platform that replaces business cards and static contacts with live, dynamic connections so you and your team can build stronger, more valuable professional and personal relationships.

Never again worry about running out of business cards, manually entering info, or having out-of-date and inaccurate information. Share cards with ANYONE for FREE! Instantly connect and exchange digital business cards with confidence knowing that your connections’ information will always be safe, secure, and up-to-date.

  • Live Connections – Connect with anyone quickly and easily, once connected you always have up-to-date info (any changes are automatically and immediately updated)

  • Multiple Cards - Create and share cards for every part of your busy life (business, personal, family, go wild!)

  • Send - Send cards to anyone for FREE even if they don’t have Convey, they will get an easy to download file they can add to their contacts

  • Instant Share - Share cards in person with other Convey users in an instant (it's magic!)

I am a five-time tech entrepreneur – the founding CEO of Convey™, Veritix®, Be Free® (Nasdaq:BFRE), PCXIS, and PCX Consulting Inc. Veritix is a sports and live-entertainment SaaS platform company processing over $1 billion in commerce transactions annually; Befree is a digital marketing platform company processing over $2 billion in commerce transactions annually; PCXIS®, Inc. produced public utility marketing software; and PCX Consulting, Inc., offered plant and executive information systems for heavy industry. (Veritix was acquired by AEG/AXS, Be Free was acquired by Conversant.) I have raised over $2M in angel capital, $76M in venture capital/private equity, and over $200M in the public markets for those companies. I am a Director Boxcast, and a former Director of ValueClick (NASDAQ:VCLK) and Be Free (NASDAQ:BFRE).

I work to build the growth stage ecosystem in Northeast Ohio through entrepreneurial mentoring programs at Jumpstart, Inc., Flash Starts, and in the Entrepreneurial Studies program at Hawken School; through ad hoc mentoring; and by serving on the board of the Ohio Venture Association.