After founding Sub Pop, signing Nirvana, and putting Seattle on the map while orchestrating the worldwide Grunge phenomenon, Bruce Pavitt took a step back. He "retired" from the music industry to raise a family on Orcas, a remote island in the Northwest corner of Washington State. It’s a small community, so it wasn’t long before he met musician, producer and tech entrepreneur, Adam Farish. The two bonded over a shared love of music, and discussed what the future of the industry would look like. They agreed it would be participatory, interactive, and mobile.

Fast forward 10 years, and iOS technology finally caught up to their shared vision. Soon Adam began to design a new audio format and platform that would allow any listener to remix music on their phone. Adam then showed his prototype to Bruce. Bruce, given his history in promoting regional culture, immediately saw it as a way to revolutionize the music industry. They officially incorporated as 8Stem in 2015, and set out to launch music 2.0.

8Stem is a revolutionary, interactive audio format that allows any listener to remix music like a professional DJ or sound engineer. Paired with the first multi-channel playback and remixing app, 8Stem signals a new era of music that is participatory, immediate and social.