I'm in the early stages of starting a tech company that will offer a mobile platform to veterans and transitioning active duty military personnel to assist them in starting a life outside the military.

I have more than 8 year’s combined experience as an Infantryman in the United States Marine Corps and international security industry. I've been conducting security operations in Iraq and Afghanistan for most of my adult life.

I've held positions as a security manager in Afghanistan managing a guard force of 30-60 local Afghan nationals. Dealing with these local nationals has given me great knowledge on dealing with people in general. Its not easy to communicate complex orders and instructions to security personnel who don't speak your language, but through trial and error, I learned. This skill helps me interact with people that do speak my language so much more and has taught me how to be a better manager and leader.

I've been responsible for various threat assessments throughout my career, from vehicles movements (convoys), personal security details, and physical security (buildings). These skills were learned on the job in high threat environments and it has taught me how to be alert and really think outside the box, because in those dangerous environments anything can happen but with a proper threat assessment you can minimize your risk.

Specialties: proficient with foreign weapons, surveillance, counter surveillance, profiling, tracking in an urban environment, CQB, MOUT, mobile security procedures, Driving in high threat environments, client formations, movement under fire, breaking contact, living in austere environments, first aid, Security management, Intelligence gathering , and risk mitigation, anti-terrorism.