Digital and Social veteran with 15 years of developing multimedia experiences, content, and games online. Combining a love for innovation with savvy for timely planning and enthusiastic leadership.

Lead the charge to bring Lucasfilm into the social and digital world through microtransactions, vanity items, digital game downloads, and more. With Avatar, lead digital across multiple verticals including games, web, social, and more in preparation for the upcoming releases of Avatar 2-5. Now makes worlds to terrify, astonish, and amaze inside of the highest end VR headset in the world.

Lead the creative and user experiences for, the award winning Advergame - that won a Webby for best online game.

Starbreeze Studios Global Director VR, I lead content, partnerships, development, and more for experiences built for the StarVR headset. With partners like IMAX and Acer, Starbreeze is building the worlds first VR location based experience lineup that provides the magical promise of VR without a major sunk cost to the consumer, and with a fidelity no other technology can match.