Opuscope is developing Minsight: an app for creative users to design their own reality. With a headeset-first approach, our vision is to open the door for the proliferation of Virtual, Mixed and Augmented reality creations.

I studied cognitive psychology with two main themes: usability and pedagogy. I early chose the usability part because I have always been curious and enthusiastic about new technologies, so when I learnt that psychology could match with them I knew this job was made for me.

Concretely, I work on interfaces, whatever they are: website, software, video game, robot, VR/MR devices and much more without limit as long as there is an interface. This implies making sure they are easy to use, and fits their objectives and their target users. 

To do so, I:
- evaluate existing interfaces to find ergonomics problems and suggest solutions to resolve them
- design new interfaces from scratch to the point they are ready to be developed
- make sure recommendations are well implemented by following development