Bank Labs is a combination of seasoned executives with deep expertise in community banking, bank technology and alternative finance techniques. We have been founders/leaders in banks ranging from $200 Million in assets to $1.5 Billion in assets in addition to leading multi-billion-dollar technology companies. Our principals are local business leaders, board members, founders and technology and real estate investors.

We experienced first-hand how traditional community banking has evolved; clients now access accounts, apply for loans and pay bills via the Internet. True mobility tools to make bankers jobs more productive have not kept pace. Bank Labs mission is to change that.

We create cloud-based solutions that target noisy, spreadsheet-based processes. Bank Labs helps community bankers become more efficient so that they can get back to banking, improve productivity, and allow more time to build relationships. This includes providing technology-based marketplaces to help our community bank clients gain access to new markets and defend against internet startups going direct to your clients.

We hope to have the opportunity to visit and share what we are doing for the best community banks in the country.