Bryan is ZURB’s original mid-westerner, growing up in Minnesota and finally trekking to California when he was accepted into Stanford University. Not only did Bryan make it out of Stanford with a degree in product design, but the university eventually asked him back to teach in the Product Design Department. Besides teaching at Stanford for 10 years, Bryan worked as a toy designer in the early days of his career, designing toys for Skyline Toys, which IDEO eventually bought out.

After leaving the playful world of toy design, Bryan started 3 businesses, including ZURB in 1998. Over the past 13 years, Bryan’s advised more than 250 start-ups on how to build better products quickly and has created over two billion dollars in market capitalization.

When He Isn’t Plotting World Domination Bryan is a bundle of unbridled energy, who can burst into song, dance, or a wild exclamations at any given moment. He is energy incarnate with a passion for his family and photography.

Outside of the office, he’s spending time with his wife and their three kids, all of whom have inherited his insanely high energy level.