I headed up data science monetization at Foursquare and have worked as a data scientist and quant at Andressen Horowitz, Google, and JPMorgan. I founded The Data Incubator, a data science education company based in NYC, DC, and SF with both corporate training as well as recruiting services. For data science corporate training, we offer customized, in-house corporate training solutions in data and analytics. For data science hiring, we run a free 8 week fellowship training PhDs to become data scientists. The fellowship selects 2% of its 2000+ quarterly applicants and is free for fellows. Hiring companies only pay a recruiting fee only if they successfully hire. You can read about us on Harvard Business Review, Tech CrunchVenture BeatThe Financial TimesWall Street Journal, or The Next Web, or read about our alumni at LinkedInCapital OnePalantirAmazon or the NYTimes.