You can call me a hacker, I don’t mind. It’s right there on my business card: Certified Ethical Hacker. Because that’s what I do. When asked, I’ll (Legally) break into your home desktop, your company’s computer system, or your corporation’s IT system.

Why would you want me to do that?

Well, wouldn't you rather that I do it before the unethical, evil hacker does it first? If the bad guy beats me to it, he’ll turn your life upside down in costly and cruel ways that you can’t even imagine. It happens every minute of every day in today’s digital world. I’ll show you how to combat this potential nightmare and protect your yourself, your family and your business.

For corporations, we start with a current assessment of your threats, vulnerabilities & risks. Then we can establish where you need to be with protection and accountability solutions.

What I do:
• Test customer networks for security holes and help plug them
• Online and in-person Internet safety lessons to conventions, organizations, businesses, community associations, and ordinary folks everywhere. 
• Media interviews on national television, radio, in print, and online publications.

Each time I make a presentation, it gives me hope that people are waking up to the reality that the Internet, along with all the wonderful benefits that it brings has danger lurking at your doorstep. So get protected now ...

Please visit: to learn how you can protect yourself, your family and your business with this FREE Internet Safety Video Series.

Cybersecurity, ethical hacking, internet self-defense, and education: this is what I do and I can do it for you.