Born and raised in West Philadelphia and currently residing in Southern California, Nareg’s humble approach and passionate drive are some of the markups within his DNA. An endless student in many aspects of life, Nareg is always striving on “how to make it better” using both conventional and unconventional approaches to problem-solving.

Nareg started his career eight years ago as a hardware and software tech with Apple Computers. After about 3 years with Apple, he left and co-founded Entrance Studios, a video/marketing based startup company. Entrance Studios collaborated with many early stage startup companies in developing different types of online marketing campaigns--this enabled Nareg to collaborate with many teams and learn different types of strategies through more than one perspective.

To date, Nareg has been involved in developing nearly 20 different types of startup companies and non-profit organizations - both in the US and abroad. Within the last few years Nareg has held positions within SaaS-based startup companies serving as CTO, COO, business development, a consultant and providing mentorship.

Armenia is also a significant part of Nareg’s identity. His ancestral homeland became a place where he would spend a few months at a time during his college years volunteering for non-profit organizations. Throughout the years Armenia also would become one of Nareg's most favorite vacation destinations. Naturally he always dreamed Armenia would one day be an extension of his professional career - into years down the road this idea becoming a reality. Since 2012, Nareg has invested much of his time both in and out of Armenia advising and consulting both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Stay true, never get old, and always be passionate is what Nareg lives by. This reminder has helped achieve many milestones both in his professional and personal life. When Nareg is taking a break from work he's either planning a trip, surfing the web, playing the guitar, barbecuing, or taking photographs. The collection of images seen below are some of Nareg's most recently edited photographs.