Bolt Motorbikes Founder, Nathan Jauvtis, has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and has always had a passion for reducing our environmental impact, including founding non-profit A-Day-Without-Driving, a grassroots movement dedicated to educating the world about how we can decrease our carbon footprint. His passion for the environment has been one of the driving forces to create Bolt Motorbikes. As part of the core team at Zero Motorcycles, his contributions led to the production scale of their flagship X-model.

Company background:
Getting around a city is a real pain. Whether it’s nasty pollution or congested streets, innovations are coming to change the way people get around their cities. Bolt Motorbikes' first product, the M-1, is a smart, fully-electric motorbike that is fun and easy to ride. It is the highest performance and most motorcycle-like experience of any electric bicycle in production and it has the lowest barrier to entry of any motorcycle (gas or electric). The M-1 combines the fun and thrill of a motorcycle with the approachability of a bicycle.