Professional highlights

  1. Amp Incorporated (now TE Connectivity) – Managed AMP’s GM accounts in Ohio, Delco Air, Delco Products, Delco Moraine, Inland, Frigidaire, responsibilities included connectors, subsystems, switches, fiber optics and other products for Amp’s largest auto-machine accounts.
  2. Molex – Marketing Manager Data Division – lead the McKinsey restructuring team to restructure Molex from a product focused company into a customer based company, directed the company away from consumer durables to professional electronics (computer, telecom, datacom), created the Data Division, developed the product that remains their #1 seller over 20 years later, grew sales from $90M to over $2B, with the Data Division doing 20%+ net profit, won numerous company awards.
  3. Crane Electronics (now Crane Connectors) – founder, President, developed and sold electronics components and subsystems for the military, telecom, datacom and computers, the company is still profitable over 30+ years later and left to create Compass.
  4. Compass – single-handedly developed the world’s most advanced connector system and sold multi-million dollar licenses to 3M, LG and Litton (acquired by Northrop Grumman).
  5. The Panda Project – founder, CEO, created the world’s best personal computers and servers, was the #1 IPO of 1996, disrupted the market so much that the company ran afoul of Intel and Microsoft, was the victim of a stock manipulation scheme aided by illegal activities of a major bracket firm forcing the sale of the company to a Silicon Valley venture firm in 1999, but saw no positive return on stock due to a series of missteps by the management team installed by the venture capitalists, never equaling the sales achieved by Panda.
  6. Founded NewGuard Entertainment Corp in 2006 to develop content for the changing media landscape. The premier property developed and ready for full launch is World Moto Clash, on track for a $1B+ valuation.
  7. Founded the Silicon Valley Incubator to launch large scale firms in hardware, entertainment content and consumer products.
  8. In 2015, Crane founded the Cyber Security Incubator when he realized unless the industry started doing a better job, none of the internet would matter and much of our military might wouldn’t either.


  1. Over 100 patents granted (see attachment) in computer architecture, semiconductor technology, robotics, thermodynamics and interconnect technology.
  2. Won the ID Magazine and International Design Yearbook annual design awards.
  3. Products designed by Crane have been displayed at the San Francisco MOMA, the Metropolitan Museum and the Modern Museum in Bremen, Germany.
  4. Won product and marketing awards at Comdex, CeBIT, PC Expo and the Consumer Electronics show.
  5. Jean Novell picked a Crane computer design as one of the top science/art object in the world.
  6. Crane has been interviewed on NPR, CNBC, NBC and CNN regarding technology and products.
  7. An accomplished Superbike racer and team owner for over 30 years, consistently finishing high up in the national standings.
  8. Formerly High-Performance editor for BMW News.
  9. Currently developing several TV and film properties associated with World Moto Clash.
  10. Crane was an accomplished guitar player and DJ at Washington & Lee University radio while studying electrical engineering and playing varsity athletics at the Virginia Military Institute.
  11. He has also developed a TV series, Vultures in the Valley, which is currently being developed for ITV Global.