Navid Rastegar has been in the corporate world since the age of 16. He started off his professional career as a 'geeky' web developer at Intel, but found his passion was working with clients and partners. His colleagues, friends, and family, say he always takes the approach of being a student to always try to learn from each experience. He is a natural-born leader and thrives in leading by action & collaboration, which led him to start his first company at age 15. After graduating from Santa Clara University in 2008, Navid took to Silicon Valley hardware and cloud technology leaders Cisco & 

Gaining valuable experience & connections, Navid started FitBliss, a corporate wellness technology platform for small to medium sized organizations. FitBliss socially connects employees & integrates with fitness wearables (Fitbit, Apple Watch, Google Fit, & more), HR Technologies, & for sustainable engagement! Currently FitBliss' users have logged over 100M Steps, 200K minutes over 4K logs of exercise in 1 year, improving how they feel everyday!

The vision: Save lives by creating digital health communities.