Jeff Walker is a digital pioneer in cloud-based digital marketing products. He and his team have created proprietary technology using big data to make sense of online content to spark great business conversations. Previously, Walker was Director of Product Development at internet titan with engineering teams on 3 continents. He was VP Creative Director, Leo Burnett, working on Coca-Cola, Disney, Xbox and Harley-Davidson. He is an accomplished screenwriter who consults with LEGO Entertainment and was a staff writer for an Emmy winning TV show. He is currently writing about “Olderpreneurs” and the phenomenal fact that most successful startups were founded by people well into their 40’s and 50’s.

He has founded two companies. @ContentCarnivor and @prprtycarnivors

Content Carnivores provides premium managed services using the Carnivores platform for cutting edge alternative hedge fund managers, hedge fund investment platforms, real estate crowd funding, alternative lending, marijuana investment funds, and online capital marketplaces for direct investing.

Property Carnivores received seed funding from the tech accelerator Elmspring at Chicago’s 1871. It is a mobile version of the Carnivores core tech made simple in a free version for DIY brand building.

An avid skier and a proud father of three, Jeffrey lives in Chicago and enjoys working with his team of developers, content professionals and amazing interns from Chicago's top Universities.