Change Creator™, the premium digital magazine for entrepreneurs who are willing to challenge the status-quo and use business for meaningful change. Young people are changing how they see their careers. Fewer and fewer wish to climb the corporate ladder or take the conventional jobs of those who came before them. More and more want to flex their entrepreneurial muscles, start an enterprise, venture out on their own, and take risks.

A recent study by Bentley University found that today, only 13% of survey respondents said that their career goal involves progressing within a corporation to CEO or president. The same study, by contrast, found that almost two-thirds (67%) of respondents said that their goal involves starting their own business. But most of all, today’s young people want to have an impact on their world.

A 2014 Nielson study found that 67% of respondents prefer to work for socially responsible companies, 55% will pay extra for products and services from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact, and 52% made at least one purchase in the past six months from one or more socially responsible companies. In other words, our youth care about the world around them and want to be able to do something meaningful for their career. This trend is exciting.
There’s no doubt about it. But it’s also an opportunity that can be missed if there isn’t a supportive environment that nurtures our youth and allows them to bring their ideas to life. This is why we founded Change Creator.

Social entrepreneurialism draws on traditional business practices and cutting-edge innovation to create solutions to pressing problems affecting society, the environment and economies. As millennials increasingly transcend from school to the workplace, they carry with them a desire to develop wealth, find entrepreneurial ways to solve problems and give back to society.

According to the Telefonica Global Millennial Survey over 68% of the millennial surveyed (globally) believe they have the opportunity to become an entrepreneur, while many believe the most pressing problems are the economy, social inequality, access to education, eliminating poverty, creating sustainable energy and providing affordable housing. Today the social entrepreneur is digitally savvy, has learned to work collaboratively in distributed environments and at ease communicating with others on a global basis. Change Creator addresses the need for social entrepreneurs to learn the skills required to be a successful social entrepreneur.

“Social entrepreneurship will play an instrumental role in making the world a healthier and more equitable place,” says Adam Force, Publisher ,and Editor of Change Creator. “We need more people who have the courage to push boundaries and challenge the status-quo. An enormous number of people are now trying to figure out how to make the world a better place through the way they live their lives and make a living. We are excited to offer them the tools and insights they need to succeed.”