We talk building a product in the renewable energy space. 

Arterran takes the most common substance on the planet, cellulose, in the form of manure, municipal solid waste, wood waste, agricultural waste or any other suitable source of cellulose, and our proprietary technology, to create a truly renewable solid biofuel that is a direct replacement for thermal coal.

With an energy density far superior wood pellets, and rivaling the highest grades of coal, Arterran's carbon neutral solid biofuel has all of the beneficial characteristics of coal without the pollution or CO2 emissions of coal to be utilized in existing coal fired infrastructure without any additional capex.

Whereas before an expensive, $650,000 per MW, retro fit was required to convert coal fired facilities to biomass, and $1,200,000 per MW for natural gas, today as a result of Arterran's innovation coal fired facilities can now simply switch to utilizing Arterran's renewable solid biofuel without any costly modifications presenting quite possibly the most viable, expedient means to reduce CO2 emissions and tackle climate change whilst still supplying the same on demand, baseload energy the world has come to depend upon from coal.

Arterran's disruptive innovation not only presents the world with another vital tool to combat climate change, as a solution to the conundrum of coal's cheap, reliable, on demand base load energy but at a terrible cost to health and planet, but helps address the intermittency of solar of wind energy as the final needed and complimentary renewable energy solution required to create a sustainable tomorrow.

GENERcoin is an innovative, green energy, asset backed Smart Contract in development backed by Arterran's sustainable solid biofuel and offered at discount to the underlying biofuels independently market determined spot price incentivizing the purchaser for it's intrinsic, tangible, and altruistic values: http://www.slideshare.net/slideshow/embed_code/42962261