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Dave Idell is co-founder & CEO of Croissant, the app that lets people bounce around between different coworking spaces in NYC with one monthly membership. He comes from a background in software and finance. The Croissant team also consists of Nisha Garigarn, an avid design and marketing professional, Zoltan Szalas, who previously dealt in corporate benefits, strategy, and partnerships, and Adam Chew, who lives on the cutting edge of technology and software development. They are all relatively new to entrepreneurship, but that does not stop their drive to learn and to create a successful company.

Dave and the team created Croissant as a solution for people who are struggling to work at home and in coffee shops due to lack of seating, wifi, and a plug. It's the alternative to paying for that $4 pastry when all you really wanted was a place to get work done. In addition to their core skills, the team also acts as community managers within their platform, constantly talking to members in order to suit their needs. They are also looking towards a future in which this community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who just likes to switch up their workspace, can easily interact offline with the help of Croissant. They're only in NYC for now, but coming soon to a city near you!