We talk what is like to work at a huge brand, research for new products, and more.

Jack Urner, a twenty-five year old executive with a name brand global sportswear company, has built a career through a people centric outlook both in his day job and in his soon to launch passion project social media company.

From Customer Service Specialist to Assistant Marketing Manager, Jack has honed his skills in building relationships with sales accounts nationwide to meeting the needs of consumers and customers alike while witnessing firsthand the importance of knowing his market and it’s target audience.  Through the use of countless focus groups and trend research pertaining to the sportswear industry, Jack has traveled the United States speaking with and connecting to consumers and trend-setters building perspective and insight into the market they serve.

Prior to a professional career in the sportswear industry Jack studied psychology at Point Loma Nazarene University.  It was during this time Jack gained scientific and emotional understandings of interpersonal relationships and learned how to apply this knowledge to business.

When Jack is not working his full-time day job, he is the founder of a social media company that seeks to expand on the qualities and values that “everyday Jacks” hold most dear.  The company, Our Brand is Jack, plays on the notion that even an “everyday Jack” has a story to tell and knowledge to share.  Our Brand is Jack, also referred to as OBiJ, is still in development and plans to launch sometime in 2016 with a downloadable app and website.  Although predominately a social media company,  OBiJ plans to expand and scale into community service, sponsorship and outreach to like companies, and an overall lifestyle brand.  Jack Urner’s eccentric, always moving, incredibly optimistic personality makes him a success wherever he goes.