Charly Emery is a luxury goods entrepreneur, intuitive confidant and TV personality whose hip, savvy and entertaining style has attracted guest appearances on FOX LA, FOX News Boston, NBC affiliates, countless radio shows, and "Opening Act,” (Nigel Lythgoe/E!), where she brought her life changing intuitive skills to television.

Sought out by a clientele who extend from the west coast of California to the UK and Australia, it was after using her own instincts to transform her life following trauma that Charly became the result-focused resource for others that she couldn’t find. She’s an engaging author who expresses her love for glamour and business sense by outfitting her continuously growing circle of international retail clients with fantastic finds as a purveyor of choice luxury investment pieces that include rare collectible handbags, gemstones and more. Charly is a natural on camera whose passion for living a lifestyle you love from the inside out, is rapidly making her star rise in the realms of self-help and entertainment.