Online privacy, security, why it is important for you personally, professionally and how to control what you share online.

Christian Hessler is an agile tech leader, entrepreneur and engineer who designs, develops, protects and evangelizes disruptive innovations for web, cloud, mobile and wearables. His R&D interests include security, digital media, payments, gamification and mixed reality. He is the founder of several successful startups, working in the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia with companies such as Microsoft, IBM, HP, Sony, Intel and the Federal Government.

Christian also led agile engineering organizations at Sun Microsystems, Computer Associates, Citysearch and First American National Bank and developed technologies such as IDInsure®, GAIMPlay™, FlikCart™ and CuriousID™. His latest venture is @liveensure, a Palo Alto startup revolutionizing interactive user authentication on smart devices. He holds a BS from Vanderbilt University and an MS from Regis University with graduate studies in security and multimedia at Stanford and UCLA.