A trained, professional musician, Marcel found his calling in Entertainment and Architectural lighting in his mid 20’s while working for a re-seller of Martin Professional, a company based in Denmark. He helped to grow that company until it’s IPO in 1996 then moved on to executive positions with other Entertainment lighting businesses including High End Systems and a minority ownership role in Coemar from Italy. In 2001, Marcel stretched out to pursue his own Entrepreneurial interests while founding the leader in online entertainment production gear brokers, GearSource.com. Marcel started another company in 2002 in the LED space, and eventually merged that company into LED Source in 2005. Since that time, Marcel has been the strong visionary and leader behind the rapid growth and industry disrupting business that LED Source has become. Marcel is also credited with the decision to pursue Franchising as a growth model and also, in bringing in Arrow Electronics, a strategic partner who remains a partner in the company.