We talk about building a hardware startup and how to get manufacturing.

Lucas is the CEO of HWTrek, the largest global platform for hardware innovators and industry. HWTrek provides online planning and team collaboration tools, supply chain management services, and channels for global market expansion. Before HWTrek, Lucas founded TMI (Taiwan Mobile Innovation), which makes early stage investments and incubates promising entrepreneurs. More than 16 startups have been incubated through the support of TMI, ITRI, and WI Harper. Previously a partner in WI Harper, Lucas led the TMT team in Beijing and Taiwan, and co-invested in Kai-Fu Lee's new venture, Innovation Works. In addition, Lucas directed the project and market development of RFID products at MTI Technology, a well-recognized wireless communications manufacturer.

Agne is a digital marketing ninja with experience in different types of online marketing - social media, blogging, social selling, and growth hacking. She has worked on a wide range of products and services including hospitality, language learning and internet of things hardware.

Her work passion lies in technology and the future potential of the amazing things being created. She is currently the marketing director at HWTrek and is executing the company's global outreach campaigns. Her non-work passion is Asian Cinema and she has created a website dedicated to increasing knowledge and understanding of Asian films.

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