Beau talks becoming a podcaster, finding your podcasting niche, how this niche went global & a lot more!

Beau York has seven years of experience in retail, marketing, and product development within the telecommunications industry. In 2013 he founded Podastery Studios, which offers marketing, consulting, and new media production services. Through Podastery, he currently produces seven weekly shows, two of which have been featured by iTunes. His shows “Country Squire Radio” and “Flash TV Talk” boast top reviewed podcasts in their subject matter. His services offer an innovative and cost-effective means for increasing traffic and brand advocacy.

In 2015, Beau took the experience he gained from Podastery and created “Satchel”, an ad free mobile podcast player that removes barriers between content creators and content consumers. The Satchel application is currently in an open beta available on the Google Play store, and will soon be available for iOS.