Alex Brown

Co-Founder of The Beard Club (formally Dollar Beard Club), Coolbox and CEO & Founder of Subscription Hacks

Tim Sanders

Early stage member of Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner’s 

Brian Smith

He founded UGG Sheepskin Boots & Slippers

Daniel Tibbets

President & General Manager of El Rey Network

Sarah Miller

CEO of Axis PR & Entertainment - 2017 Best in PR, Business Hall Of Fame.

Allison Dollar

The CEO of the The Interactive Television Alliance (ITA)

John Rubey

Executed worldwide distribution and multi-platform coverage of Michael Jackson Memorial broadcast—the most watched live TV broadcast in history.

Jim Cannella

Senior Director and Executive Producer at The Recording Academy (GRAMMYs)

Scott Moody

Created and sold to Apple the fingerprint sensor that is used on the iPhone's and iPad's Touch ID. He is working on a new startup that serve and empower older adults and individuals living with disabilities

Adam Farish & Bruce Pavitt

Bruce Pavitt co-founder of Sub Pop, signing Nirvana, and putting Seattle on the map while orchestrating the worldwide Grunge phenomenon. He is working on a new music startup.

Martin Keen

Martin was the founder of KEEN Footwear and now is working on his new furniture startup. 

Hampus Jakobsson

Helped design the first version of Android, sold a company to Blackberry, and talks openly about shutting down a recent startup.